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The Hidden Truth About The Pope's Middle East Crusade

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:37 pm    Post subject: The Hidden Truth About The Pope's Middle East Crusade Reply with quote

The more I look behind the curtain, the more I realize how much propaganda we the people are made to believe. If we could all just look past the propaganda from the controlled left and right, and see the puppet master doing there work, things would change drastically. Unfortunatly the American people have the biggest egos in the world, and can't understand they are living a lie. The global plan is almost out in the open, and yet look at the news, and it's complete $H!+

The Hidden Truth About The Pope's Middle East Crusade
Unknown Israeli author tells you everything you wanted to know about the war but were never told.
15 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

Author of Vatican Assassins Eric Phelps has always tried to find the truth and speak from the heart, his meticulous research uncovering the purposely hidden Vatican and Jesuit Order's duplicitous role as the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order.

Concerning the Middle East conflict, he doesn't miss words or pull any punches either, recently uncovering "the greatest analysis of the war I have ever read."

"Written by an unknown Israeli," said Phelps, "it is a must read for anyone who wants to know the real truth behind the Pope's war. Added to the fact that the Black Pope controls the US via the Council on Foreign Relations, and controls Britain via the Royal Institute of International Affairs, we now know the source and purpose for the continuing conflict.

"The leaders of both sides are minions of the Jesuit General. ( For example, previously Arafat has had EIGHT MEETINGS with Pope John Paul II since the Oslo Accord.) Those who do not "play ball" - like Anwar Sadat of Egypt, King Fiesal of Iraq and Yitzak Rabin of Israel are eliminated through the Black Pope's unified International Intelligence Community. That Community is directly controlled, organized and overseen by the Pope's Crusaders, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

"Notice that the mentor and immediate master of Ariel Sharon is none other than CFR Henry Kissinger. Masonic Kissinger, the intimate associate of Knight of Malta Alexander Haig, Jr., is without question a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, as the Order began to admit the Pope's "Court Jews" to the Company in 1946 - about the time of the stoking of the Middle East conflict.

"Further, it has been learned that the former head of NATO and key figure in the governing of the Pope's Zionist government of Israel is a Franciscan priest - Javier Solana - the intimate friend of the "King of Jerusalem," King Juan Carlos of Spain, whose immediate master is the Grandmaster of the SMOM, Fra Andrew Bertie.

"Further, the reason why the Order has used the Federal Reserve Bank's American Military Industrial Complex to arm every Arab nation in the Middle East is not to destroy the Pope's Zionist-controlled Israel, remembering that sixty percent of all the land in Jerusalem is owned by the Vatican - including the Temple Mount. The purpose is to be able to use these arms against the present American/British-led Papal Crusade having been planned over thirty years ago, prior to the deliberately faulty construction of the WTC (the "X" bracing being only bolted and not welded to the buildings) back in the 1980s. It was Cardinal Cooke's Knight of Malta and director of the CIA's counterintelligence branch manning both "the Israeli desk" and "the Vatican desk" within the Agency, James "Jesus" Angleton, who advocated a "Crusade" against the Moslem peoples way back in the mid 1970s."

According to a reviewer the writings of the unknown Israeli are "a truly objective analysis of this subject, without the baggage Jews and Arabs have been fed via their national leaderships, reveals that the Middle East conflict would have ended decades ago had foreigners not kept it alive. The continuation of the conflict serves their interests- i.e., oil supplies, recycling petrodollars, or multi-billion dollar weapons sales. The Palestinian-Israeli "situation" is thus merely a fig leaf for the FE, allowing their other agendas can be pursued undetected.

We need to devise a solution based on the actual cause for the continuation of the conflict, and not accept solutions presented via the mainstream media.

The hatred between the two peoples doesn't come from the hearts of Middle Eastern Arabs and Jews; it is created and stoked from abroad. Arabs and Jews must see through the propaganda and understand that this conflict is being created for them. Every time it looks like it is coming to an end, foreigners breathe new life into it by insisting that they have a "new peace initiative" which they claim will bring peace. It never does.

The FE's intervention in the affairs of the Middle East has been a tragedy for the Arab peoples - socially, economically, and politically. Arabs and Jews of the Middle East need to admit that they are both victims of the foreigners. By working together, they can remove the cancer of foreign intervention that keeps the conflict alive.

The following are the first two chapters of a collection of observations compiled to help Jews and Arabs understand why the Middle East conflict continues to fester. The intention of the writer is to promote the realization that these two peoples are not each other's worst enemy; a third player, the Foreign Elite (FE), is why the Middle East remains unstable.

Chapter One

The core and essence of the Middle East conflict

For more than 75 years, western diplomats have been coming up with "peace initiatives" to solve the Arab - Israeli conflict. Yet they always fail.

Why? What keeps the Middle East conflict going?

If we are going to devise a solution, we must first understand why the conflict continues to exist. To do this, we have to view the situation from the top down, rather than from the bottom up.

Granted, this is completely opposite to the way most Jews and Arabs have been conditioned to look at "the situation." Jews focus on the damage Arab/Palestinians cause, and believe that damage to be the cause of the conflict, when it is really only a result of it. They view the conflict and its origins from the bottom up. Arabs/Palestinians concentrate on the damage Israel causes and believe this to be the cause of the conflict, when it is really only a result of it. They too relate to the situation from the bottom up.

To understand what really causes the Middle East conflict to continue, one must look at the issue from the top down.

Full article:

I've been trying to get you people to look at current events from the perspective of the top down, but you people seem to think that the world works from the bottem up, as if there is no one giving orders. Get real people. Take off your blindfolds, and put on the glasses.
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